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The Seattle Sea Kayak Club is the place where novices and experts swap stories, share kayaking info, and have fun doing it. The club has an informal social atmosphere which fosters opportunities to meet other paddlers. The club offers a regular monthly newsletter, monthly meetings, and trips.

We are not a large club. We don't even have business meetings or elections. We seek to maintain a friendly, personal type of atmosphere where club members can get acquainted easily.

Meetings at Mercer Island Community Center

Meetings cover a variety of topics and frequently include slides, videos, guest speakers, and story exchanges. Meetings are typically at the Mercer Island Community Center on Mercer Island on the last Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. There's no meeting in December. January is our annual trip-planning party on a Saturday, June is an outdoor potluck, and July and August we're all gone paddling. Please feel free to bring guests.

February 26, 2019 - Two Trips on the Green River, Utah

Imagine paddling, floating, and meandering down a 98 mile stretch of the Green River in Utah for 9 days, from a launch site at Ruby Ranch, near the town of Green River, to Spanish Bottom, just below the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. During this smooth-water adventure you experience ever-deepening canyons displaying the earthy colors of sandstone, limestone, and shale, accented by spectacular red buttes, mesas and spires, enhanced by the beautiful effects of early-morning and late-afternoon light.

You spend your lazy time on the water naming the animal shapes you see in the rock formations, looking for rock formation landmarks named by early explorers, and trying to spot Anasazi archeological sites along the river. You camp on exposed sand bars, and hike into canyons to see cliff dwellings and other evidence of ancient cultures and of expeditions by early explorers in the 1800s.

Our February program will help you imagine all of this with presentations by two SSKC groups who made this trip last year: Bill Sobieralski led a group of 9 on a trip in early May, and Oskar Hinz led a different group of 9 in September. Come to see some beautiful pictures, vicariously enjoy temperatures of up to 113 degrees F, and learn about flocculating.


Effective February 1, 2019, the dues for joining the Seattle Sea Kayak Club and becoming part of this enthusiastic and creative organization of kayakers are only $20 per year - single, couple, or family. You may join at the club meeting or by mailing in an application form.

If you join after October 1, pay $20 and get membership for the remainder of the year plus the coming year.

Once you've joined the club, consider signing up for the SSKC Facebook Group!

To join the Facebook Group, send an email to admin@seattlekayak.org asking to join. Use the same email address you use for Facebook. If you are a new member, tell us when you joined SSKC. Once we verify your membership, you will receive an email from Facebook with an invitation to join the group.


The newsletter contains a broad variety of information related to sea kayaking, from updates on gear and environmental issues to events around Puget Sound, and reports from club members on trips and kayaking experiences. The newsletter also prints requests for people seeking paddling partners, ads for used boats, etc. We welcome (ok, beg for) contributions from members.


The kayak club offers trips which range from short evening paddles to long weekends and week-long trips. The 2018 trip schedule has 45 trips, plus other events of interest to sea kayakers. The trips are open to SSKC members and their guests. The club also assists members in getting paddlers together who want to do longer expeditions.

We have an annual Trip Planning Party for all members; this year's was on January 26, 2019. You need not be an expert kayaker to offer a trip, but you should select a trip that is comfortable for your skill level. You may come prepared with ideas for trips or get advice at the planning party from other, more experienced members. The annual trip schedule is usually issued in late February. We also include excerpts of upcoming trips in each newsletter. We keep the schedule up to date on the website (for members only) with additions and corrections.