Great! We'd love to have you! But remember, the trip leader is just a volunteer. This is a group effort, and you have some responsibilities:

Before the trip:

Remember that the trip leader is not certified or in any way pre-qualified by the club. Although leaders, like participants, want everyone to have a good time, they cannot guarantee the happiness or safety of trip participants. That's why you're responsible for the things below.

* Call the trip leader no later than the Wed. night before a weekend day trip. For overnights call a week or more in advance to allow time to arrange car pools, potlucks, etc. The leader may cancel the trip if there aren't enough people signed up in advance!

* Read and understand the trip rating classification chart (included with schedule) and skills required at each level. It's your responsibility to determine that you have the skills necessary for the trip.

* Read and understand the trip waiver/release, and make sure any friends you're bringing are aware of it. You'll all be signing one for the trip.

* Familiarize yourself with the details of the trip, such as ferries, tides, and charts. If you have questions, please ask the leader!

Talk in advance to the trip leader about:

* Your experience and equipment, and that of any friend you want to bring along. For any trip above the class 2 level and some lower level trips, you will need to know how fast you've paddled and how far, as well as wind/water conditions at the time. And realize that if the trip leader feels uncomfortable about some aspect of you or your friends abilities, he/she does have the right to suggest you select a different trip.

* Any medical or other problems which may affect you during the trip. It's a lot easier to plan ahead than have to react in an emergency.

* Whether the trip leader would like assistance with the trip planning, or volunteering any special skills you might have, such as first aid or music making.

During the trip:

* Be on time at the put-in! Time and tide wait for no one! If you're late the leader may have no choice but to leave without you.

* Bring your best and most positive attitude and support decisions made by the trip leader. Encourage other trip participants to cooperate with the leaders request's, such as helping to keep the group together, assistance with towing, etc.

* Remember that return times are estimates. Weather, group paddling speed, and unexpected delights may affect the time. Be prepared to be especially flexible on more difficult trips and overnights. Your life may depend on it! (make the appropriate arrangements at work before you leave!)

Final notes for participants:

* The leader may cancel the trip at any time due to weather or other safety considerations. They will contact you if this is the case.

* If you decide to cancel after signing up you must call and let the leader know! People who simply "don't show up" quickly make themselves very unpopular! (And may have their names submitted to the good Dr. of gossip in the bulletin, who will then invent phony medical excuses for their absence!)

And last but not least:

* Trip leading is an often thankless job, but you as a trip go-er can change this! Say "Hey, thanks for the trip!" once in awhile. Offer to buy the trip leader a beer or bring his/her favorite cookies. Ask if there's anything you can help with during the trip! It's hard to keep trip leaders interested without a few positive strokes from trip go-ers!