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Trip Schedules

Trips are led by Seattle Sea Kayak Club member volunteers

Current Trip List

(Note: the current year's trip list is accessible by SSKC members only)

2018 Trip List  (Windows)  (Mac)  (updated March 27. 2018)

Previous Trip Lists

(Note: the previous years' trip lists do not contain leader names or phone numbers, to protect their privacy.)

2014 Trip List (Coming Soon!)
2013 Trip List
2012 Trip List
2011 Trip List
2010 Trip List
2009 Trip List
2008 Trip List
2007 Trip List
2006 Trip List
2005 Trip List
2004 Trip List
2003 Trip List
2002 Trip List
2001 Trip List
2000 Trip List
1999 Trip List
1998 Trip List

Participation in any of these trips requires membership in SSKC. Members may also bring guests on trips with the leader’s permission.

Before signing up for a trip, be sure to read the Trip Participant Responsibilities, the Trip Classification System, and the Recommended Equipment List.